QDA/QPA Grduation Plan
QDA/QPA Graduation Plan
IS: tenneyl@go2qda.org
Created On:
Grade: 10
SSID: TX6622179
Last Updated: 01/26/23 16:56:25
PE and Health (1 Credit)
Credits Earned
Physical Education 9 0.25
Physical Education 10
Health 0.50
Total PE/Health Credits 0.75
Science (3 Credits)
Credits Earned
Physical Science 1.00
Biology 1.00
Advanced Science 1.00
Total Science Credits 3
Math (4 Credits)
Credits Earned
Algebra I/Integrated Math I 1.00
Algebra II/Algebra II Equiv.
Geometry/Integrated Math II 1.00
Financial Literature 0.50
Math Elective 0.50
Total Math Credits 3
English (4 Credits)
Credits Earned
English 9 or English I 1.00
English 10 or English II 1.00
English Elective 1.00
English Elective 0.50
Total English Credits 3.5
Social Studies (3 Credits)
Credits Earned
American History 1.00
American Government 0.50
World History 0.50
Social Studies Elective 0.50
Total Social Studies Credits 2.5
Fine Arts (1 Credit)
Credits Earned
Fine Arts 0.50
Electives (4 Credits)
Credits Earned
Career/College Readiness 0.50
Elective 0.50
Elective 1.00
Elective 1.00
Elective 0.50
Total Electve Credits 3.5
Total Credits Earned (20 Needed)
Points (1-5) 2
Score 698
Algebra I or Int. Math I
Points (1-5) 2
Score 696
Geometry or Int. Math II
Points (1-5) 1
Points (1-5) 2
Course Grade B
American History
Points (1-5) 1
Course Grade B
American Government
Points (1-5) 1
Course Grade B
Graduation Seals / Requirements (One must be an Ohio Seal)
ELA 2 Requirement Met
ALG 1 Requirement Met
Citizenship Seal (Ohio)
Science Seal (Ohio)
Alternative Graduation Pathways
College Readiness:
Career Readiness:
ACT Information
Test Date:
Composite Score:

Miss Maurer
(Counselor's Signature)

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